Barry Sugarman, is a former owner of a group of pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, device, and cosmetic manufacturing and distribution companies. Barry has over 30 years of experience at all levels with FDA regulated companies that are large, medium, and small. Barry is an expert in drug, device, biologic, combination product, dietary supplement, and cosmetic product development and regulatory affairs.

We are leaders in service to senior management of public and private companies large, medium, and small.  When it’s time to start and complete a special project and hit the ground running without the need for training or a large learning curve, count on us.  We work with senior management to accomplish their specific goals, and implement programs, strategies, changes, management innovation onsite and offsite.  Here are example projects:

  • Special Senior Management Projects.
  • Business and Operational strategy.
  • Substitute in for Senior Management or Augment Capabilities without Delays.
  • Advanced Management Techniques for Managers and Operations
  • Turn Arounds of Subsidiaries or Divisions
  • Training and Mentoring in Technical Skills and Interpersonal Communications
  • Key Opinion Leader Meetings, Focus Groups, and Consumer Relations
  • Identify and Solve Impediments to Achievement of Goals
  • Goal Development, Long Term and Short Term
  • Growth or Downsizing Planning and Implementation
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Promotion and Implementation of Creative Ideas
  • Entrepreneurial Company Transition Strategies
  • Employee Relations Improvement
  • Budget Development
  • Budget Development
  • Complex Problem Identification and Correction

Barry Sugarman, President, Diverstech Co.

Phone (424)423-9559

FAX (310)454-9592

For an immediate response to a specific need, please email: or call 1-424-423-9559

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